WELCOME to Adoring Kat von D! I know, I know, ANOTHER Kat von D website? yes xD if you follow Kat von D Unlimited on Social Media you will know I created another page for Kat von D and her life around her. It started out at Kat von D Style for just her style but grew into make-up so I changed it to Kat von D Beauties but was so much confusion with fans thinking it was Kat Von D Beauty Instagram/Twitter. So I changed it back to Style but then I decided was more than just style and make-up so recently changed it to ADORING Kat von D! Cause I adore everything about her and this spin-off with have stuff on her make-up, style, decor, fans & more!

So I hope you enjoy this new site and things I have in store for it! Not much now as I am still working on it along with KVDU but thought I’d open it for posting ^.^

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