This week on Kat von Beauty YouTube channel we get to meet Leah Carmichael! Here is a bit about Leah from Kat von D Beauty Website:

Leah is a trained makeup artist with over 15 years in the business, and accomplishments in beauty and high fashion. With a certification in Makeup Application and Technique, Leah has worked on everything from fashion campaigns and music videos, including Tom Ford, Ivy Park and Beyoncé’s Grammy Award-winning visual album Lemonade, to assisting the legendary Francesca Tolot.

Leah’s Signature Skill: Comprehensive complexion expertise, from shade matching and corrective work to adjusting skin texture and finish.

Leah’s Inspiration: “Music has always been my biggest inspiration. Growing up, I fell in love with bands like The Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees. I really admired their way of freely expressing themselves, whether it was through the music they created, the lyrics they wrote, or the way they’d wear their makeup. That freedom was a huge inspiration for me to get into makeup, and still is.”

Go Check out the website for her profile while includes some amazing stuff including working with Beyonce!

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Here are her videos from Kat Von D Beauty YouTube. I have also started a “Leah” Playlist on Kat von D Unlimited YouTube here


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