If you follow Kat for any reason, you will know that yesterday she had posted a picture of [not a dupe] rip off of her Shade + Light Palette:

Hey @makeuprevolution – I don’t remember the tails being this heavy when I first got this coat. 😒👎🏼 #cheapass #bootleg #comeupwithyourownshit #lazyfucks#morelikemakeupripoff” Kat von D via Instagram

This tweet alone caused some negative feedback. The main one was how hers is expensive. People did get blocked but anybody that know Kat knows that she does and has blocked people when posts anything negative. Kat von D Beauty does too.

Today, as I felt it was going to happen, Kat did a video on her now personal YouTube [since Kat von D Beauty now has their own channel] and explained herself when personally I didn’t feel she needed to explain herself. Especially to people who won’t change their minds and stick with their “i’m poor so I support people who rip off other people’s hard work” mind set. Here is her video:


After having posted on my personal account on Instagram about how offensive it is to see another company blatantly plagiarize my work, i got a heavy amount of negative feedback. This ghetto little video i recorded today on my cell phone is just a raw response to that feedback – in hopes of helping some of you understand where I’m coming from. You don’t have to agree or disagree – no need to argue, please – this is just me sharing my honest perspective. X

With Love,

PS. Y’all argue too much in the comments, so don’t be butt hurt that i disabled comments on this video. Nothing but love for you guys.

BUT! in the video as she shows us her creative process into how she makes her products, we get a sneak peek into some upcoming products!

If you don’t know, like some of these people attacking her without knowing how much she puts into her brand. Kat is involved in EVERY aspect there is in creating her products. From designs, layouts, formulas, testing, photoshoots, everything. Look at how long it took for the Alchemist Palette. She could charge more as her quality, time, effort, energy and heart is put into it, she doesn’t because she wants it to be accessible to everybody at a fair price & that is understandable.

So here are some sneak peeks into some upcoming products!

Possibly named “Gotha”? But these will be a “glimmer” line of Everlasting Lipstick that looks metallic.

Not only is Saint & Sinner perfume coming back & candles to go with it BUT there will also be a Saint & Sinner palette!
Shade + Light SHIMMER Eye Contour =O
new Everlasting AND Studded Kiss shades!

Train Case coming soon!


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