LIP LINERS!!! Yes, you read correctly! I remember her posting about lip liners many moons ago! and they are finally going to be launching April 11th, 2017. Here is what Kat had to say about them:

3 WORDS: Everlasting. Lip. LINER! 🌈❤✍🏻 Launching 30 shades of @katvondbeauty #EverlastingLipLiner April 11!
So get ready, because this formula is gonna change the lip liner world!!

•Retractable pen for easy sharpening
•high-pigmented [like, FOR REALS]
•24-hour wear
•30 shades
•as always #crueltyfree and #vegan

Here’s the deal: this unique, creamy formula glides on super easy. You let it dry for a few seconds and it’s bulletproof! Never
seen anything like it before and it truly is the most comfortable longwear lip liner I’ve ever used. No waxy-feeling, drying or cracking! So exciting! 🌈❤️✍🏻 [follow @katvondbeauty for swatches!]

Here’s all the shades! Some are color matched to existing #EverlastingLiquidLipstick, but a lot are new!
🐷NUDES: swanly, kevvy, bow n’ arrow, d-minor, OG lolita, lolita, lolita II, lovecraft, muse, hawkwind, crucifix
🍎REDS: outlaw, x, rosary, misfit, por vida, vampira, bloodmilk, homegirl
👩🏽‍🎤WIERDO/NEON/POP: smiths, a-go-go, swoon, sexer, coven, l.u.v., roxy, lemmy, satellite, poe, skully

#EverlastingLipLiner #katvondbeauty #comingsoon #crueltyfree #vegan

Oh! And I’m also excited that with the launch of the new @katvondbeauty#EverlastingLipLiner collection – we’re finally able to introduce our sexy new #veganstamp I drew, on all our boxes! It may not be a big deal to most people, but to me, the bigger that @katvondbeauty grows, the more we are able to show the rest of the world that creating a successful brand that’s #crueltyfree and #vegan is not impossible! ❤🐰🏆 #fuckanimaltesting #crueltyfreebeauty  [March 14th, 2017]


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