Here are some details Kat von D Beauty’s site gives us:

Line, design and define with a lip liner unlike any other! Everlasting Lip Liner is the first of its kind to combine 24-hour, water-resistant wear with truly weightless color for super-comfy long wear.

A full spectrum of 30 matte shades means endless possibilities, and a perfect match for all your fave KvD lipsticks! Choose from tried-and-true nudes, pinks and reds (including bestsellers “Lolita,” “Bow N Arrow,” “Vampira”), or get weird in fearless greens, blues and pops you can only expect from KvD!

It literally took Kat YEARS to perfect this exact formula—she just wouldn’t settle for anything less than the best! The result of such obsessive attention to detail? A lip liner that stands out from the rest for its instant gratification: Even the lightest stroke delivers saturated pigment, immediate dry down and effortless definition.

And just like its liquid lipstick partner in crime (we’re talkin’ about you Everlasting Liquid Lipstick), this liner is so comfortable it feels like absolutely nothing. Say farewell to dryness, skipping and dragging for good!

Imagine lip looks beyond your wildest dreams: The artistry is finally in YOUR hands!

100% Cruelty Free Forever!



Kat hand-picked the 30-shade range so there’s a perfect match for every single Everlasting and Studded Kiss Lipstick. This liner was designed to pair perfectly with both formulas, or on its own, for a smooth, even application. Choose from all-time cult favorites, including “Lolita,” “Bow N Arrow” and “Vampira,” or discover new must-haves!

Each lip liner shade features a custom formulation to max out pigmentation while maintaining the high performance you expect from a KVD lipstick.



To naturally add volume without overdrawing the HELL outta your lips, always draw lip liner upward to meet the cupid’s bow. This allows better control, to give your lips the full credit they deserve.

This lip liner is a great base underneath lipstick, but it’s also awesome on its own. Just fill in your entire lip and rock it alone!

Everlasting Lip Liner is perfect for all kinds of line work and lip art! Apply more pressure to get thicker lines, and use less pressure for thin lines.

To make sure you get a perfectly straight lip line, tilt your chin upward when looking in the mirror—this makes it easier to spot a wobbly line!



Use these nude essentials for corrective lip work:

“Swanly” (for light complexions)

“Bow N Arrow” (for medium complexions)

“Crucifix” (for deep complexions)

If you need a crisp, tight point, just lightly pinch the tip of the lip liner. The warmth of your fingers will press the liner into a precise point!

Use your favorite nude as a neutralizing lip base to adjust the undertone of your lipstick. Leah applies “Bow N Arrow” underneath “Nahz Fur Atoo” to make it more taupe and work better with her complexion.



Draw faux beauty marks that won’t smear! Kelsey likes to match the color to whatever she’s wearing on her eyes or lips.

For an easy, perfect ombré, outline lips with a dark tone, like “Vampira.” Then diffuse with the pointed end of the Shade+Light Eye Contour Brush. Pat a lighter shade of Everlasting Liquid Lipstick inside lips (Steff loves “Bow N Arrow”) and buff it out with the fluffy end of the Eye Contour Brush!

Apply pitch black “Skully” as a priming base to deepen rich lipstick shades. Try it with “Outlaw” or “Roxy” Liquid Lipstick.

Use “Swanly” to white out lips before creating negative space lip art designs.

Need to cover a tattoo? Use bright orange “A-Go-Go” to color correct the black ink, then apply your shade of Lock-It on top.


Kat von D Beauty || Sephora
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