Incase you have been living under a rock xD Here is what a Everlasting Flash Sale is:
Kat has teamed up with Sephora so that first Wednesday of every month in 2017 there will be a flash sale on new liquid lipstick shades! These sales last 48 hours or if they sell out before that time.

For June, starting tomorrow and until the 9th, its a TRIO set! And you will get Zero in liquid form! This was only available in Studded Kiss with the Rock Candy set! So make sure to check out tomorrow to get this trio!

[PICTURES done by Kelsey]


WOOLF {smoky gray} Named after one of @thekatvond’s favorite poets, Virginia Woolf 🖤
DAGGER {cobblestone gray}
ZERO {dove gray} @thekatvond named this shade after @lipstickittty’s very own cat


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