As many of you know, in celebration of Kat Von D Beauty’s 10 year anniversary, I decided to create a campaign spotlighting 10 of my modern-day muses.

I discovered Egypt on Instagram, believe it or not! My friend had posted a photo of her freshly braided hair and tagged her hairdresser, Egypt. I don’t know why I was compelled to click on Egypt’s instagram, as I had no interest in getting braids or anything, but I’m so fucking glad I did!

Egypt’s Instagram had photos of hair, fruits that resembled vaginas, and breathtaking selfies. But what inspired me to make her one of my 10 muses, was 3 little videos she had filmed on her cell phone of her reading a poem. I cried. Watched them again. And cried again.

I wanted everyone to know Egypt, and hear her message. And I am so proud to have her in my life.
Kat Von D

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