Gala for Oceans Outfit
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Gala for Oceans Outfit

Last night Kat attended Sea Shepherd’s 40th Anniversary Gala and her outfit was so amazing! Here are the details if you were wondering:

DRESS: L’ecole Des Femmes
SHOES: Natacha Marro
Lipstick: Kat von D Beauty “Lolita”

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FINALLY! we have a new version xD [not sure why I say "we" when there is one one of me lol] Other one was bugging me and wanted to show case what this will be about! Cause if you...
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April’s Everlasting Flash Sale

Today the Kat von D Artistry Collective showed us what will be available for the April's Everlasting Flash Sale! If you don't know what that is you can READ HERE about this sale. Here is what KVDB said :...
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Lock-It Blotting Powder

Today Kat has hit us with another new product! This will be joining the Lock-It Revolution line! I have yet to try the brightening powders but I LOVE the Lock-It Foundation, Concealer & Setting Powder. What is a Blotting...
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Lip Liners

LIP LINERS!!! Yes, you read correctly! I remember her posting about lip liners many moons ago! and they are finally going to be launching April 11th, 2017. Here is what Kat had to say about them: 3 WORDS: Everlasting....
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Major Sneak Peek Bomb!

If you follow Kat for any reason, you will know that yesterday she had posted a picture of [not a dupe] rip off of her Shade + Light Palette: "Hey @makeuprevolution - I don't remember the tails being this...
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ITS HERE!!!! Kat von D Beauty now has an OFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL! Kat von D has also introduced us to her "Artistry Collective" Team! Or as she calls "Badasses" Here is a little bit PopSugar did on this new...