These were questions I have seen answered by Kat on IG

Are they Cruelty Free & Vegan?
yes, the entire shoe line is 100% #vegan + #crueltyfree.  VonD shoes will not be made up of any animal-harming material [this includes sourcing out substitutes for leather, reptile, wool, silk, fur, feathers, and animal based adhesives.] We have ethically sourced synthetic/organic/recycled materials, and I’m excited to share with you some of these innovative fabrics that are gonna blow your mind!

Will it be available in ______?
yes, we will ship internationally.

How much will they be?
As always, I aim to make #crueltyfree + #vegan products that are accessible + affordable. With that said, these shoes are not made in China, and instead are handcrafted by artisan manufacturers. Made with love + care here in Italy. So no, they ain’t gonna be as cheap as Payless Shoes, but they aren’t gonna be Rodeo Drive prices either. I’ve worked extremely hard at making my shoes as accessible as possible without sacrificing the quality+design. These are luxe vegan shoes that will last a lifetime and will make your feet look+feel beautiful. So while they will be affordable, they won’t be as cheap as Payless.

Hope you have size ____?
to all my homies w a size 5, 11, and 12 – I hear you! Don’t worry! I gotchu!

Will you be making bigger sizes like 13 or 14? I am a man/woman with bigger feet.
I was thinking of having a Queen option for specific Queen-worthy pieces.

Anything besides heels?
I will be launching with 28 unique styles [none of which will be “limited edition”] and will include: platforms, flats, boots, sneakers, sandals, slip-ons, creepers, winklepickers, and even a pair of furry moon boots!

Any mens line?
yes, I’ll be including several unisex designs for all my homeboys [including sneakers, combat boots, slip ons + creepers]

Any wide width?
My feet are wide as hell so you bet there will be! No more cramped feet! 😫🖤

Will the shoes be available in other colours?
Each unique designs will be available in an assortment of color variations – with the exception of the combat boots. 🖤
Were the workers that who made these working in safe conditions making fair wage?
Duh! I’ll be introducing the small (but mighty) team of artisan cobblers that make these shoes

Production process for synthetic fabrics are more harmful to the environment.
That’s incorrect. My team and I have done loads of research and have discovered beautiful, innovative and sustainable fabrics. For example, a majority of our vegan leather is made from compressed apples!